Missouri Comets

Training Program


Elite Individual Training

This is an opportunity for players to develop soccer skills at an elite level, brought to you by Independence Tourism and Citizens Bank & Trust. Sessions can be tailored to focus on the athlete’s specific areas of desired improvement, or a personalized development plan can be created for the athlete by the club. All training is done at a location that is mutually decided-upon between you and the club.

Rates: $75 per two (2) – 30 minute sessions.

Incremental discount for securing multiple sessions:

  • Six sessions: $213.75 (5% off)
  • Eight thirty minute sessions: $270 (10% off)
  • Ten sessions: $318.75 (15% off)

Small Group / Team Training

Friends, family and teammates have the opportunity to train together alongside an Comets player. Along with individual improvement, the Comets player can add in additional elements like small-sided games and an increased level of competition. This is great for birthday parties or small get-togethers.

Small groups training can help players improve their soccer skills in all areas of the game and is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced players. Intensity, skill mastery, life-skills training, and amazing coaches all help create training that will be the highlight of your summer! All training is done at a location that is mutually decided-upon between you and the club.

Team Rates:

  • 1 day session: $10 per player per 60 minutes (60 minute minimum).
    • Example: Team of 15 for an hour = $150. Minimum price for session is $150.
  • 1 week (5 day session): $40 per player, per 60 minutes.
    • Example: 15 players, 1-hour sessions = $600

Small Group Rates:

  • 2 players – $100 per 60 minutes ($50/player)
  • 3 players – $120 per 60 minutes ($40/player)
  • 4-6 players – $130 per 60 minutes ($32.50/player | $26/player | $21.66/player)
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